Our Mission


The Afro Chemical & Steel brand stands for high-quality solution tools that ensure the best results. The objective of our company is to act as representatives/agents of various reputable companies to import and distribute various materials.

Our History


Afro Chemical and Steel PLC is a private company established in 1997. We have been involved in international and local markets for a number of years. In due course we’ve acquired valuable experience in marketing and distribution of equipment and raw materials for engineering and manufacturing industries in Ethiopia.

The years since its establishment we have seen Afro Chemical & Steel get involved in different sectors of the market.

After restructuring in 2005, the company went through specialization and is currently engaged in importing and supplying materials for three sectors:


Construction chemicals, leather chemicals, polyurethane, basic and specialized chemicals

Teaching Equipment

Natural Science: Physics, Biology & Chemistry

Engineering: Electrical, Civil & Automotive

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Finished Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices

From Idea to Realization

We provide consulting services for our Construction Chemicals Systems, Leather Chemicals, Footwear and Home & Personal Care products.

Our Chemical Engineering consultants provide engineering-related services such as, supervision, execution, repair, specifications, and make recommendations to public and private companies, firms and industries.

From idea to realization most important step is consulting so we can analyze every aspect of the solution you require.

Here is important that you state all your requirements and our team of experts with several years of experience will present you with the possible solution for your needs.

Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.

Provide us details as to how you see your project taking shape; and we can help in achieving your goal.

We can offer the best-suited construction chemical systems and solutions that fit your immediate and long-term needs.

In this step our chemical engineers finalize what’s required for your project with the last feedback from you before starting the execution of the project. Also at this stage, material is being shipped (if working remotely) or stored in required quantities for further usage.

Workers are being given detail instructions and clearing any doubts with them on how thing are need to be done.

All tools is being prepared for shipping (if working remotely) and prepared for usage. In this step all is double checked so risk of large issue is minimal.

Execution is the step when solution is being finally built.

Now workers step in take the control of the solution with constant supervising by team of engineers that are dedicated to the project.

Since in previous steps everything is double checked chances to something goiny wrong in this step are minimal and only what is required is time for the solution to be finished.

This step means that your solution is almost finished and now again our engineers step in to do the final testing and fine tune if required.

Here every inch of the solution is being thoroughly testing for any inconsistencies and if there are any issues that need to be fixed.

This is the step that can prolong project finish, but in our 10 years of experience this was never the case.

During the execution step, the team is designing testing steps, which are planned so everything can go smoothly and without any unplanned failures.

This step means that the project is finished and fully functional without any issues.

At this step you or your team will receive complete documentation on how to use solution together with certain amount of educational hours depending on the project complexity.

Beside on how to use documentation you will also receive list of possible issues, which can occur as a result of the exploitation and material consumption with the explanation on how to resolve them in a safe and precise way.

Our Partners